Our Photographer in the Passenger Seat..

Most photographers prefer to be behind the camera. That’s one of the reasons why you never see us in family albums at Christmas time. We prefer to make you smile, while we remain anonymous. However, last weekend at Chobham in Surrey, our event photographer Lee Cooke got the chance for a passenger ride.

And it wasn’t in just any old car, but in the Radical prototype racing car run by 6th Gear Experience director Andy Cummings. Andy races an identical car to this one in the Radical sports prototype racing series across Europe, so his idea of a relaxing afternoon is scaring passengers witless in a series of high speed rides in the Radical. Our first picture shows Lee with his very best Nervous Smile at the pitlane exit. The image below was captured by the quick reactions of our trackside photographer as the pair took the chicane flat out at the end of the lap. The fine detail of the shot clearly shows Lee’s white knuckles on the roll cage. We’d ask him for a comment, but he’s not begun speaking again just yet….


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