Event Photography

Many event organisers we work with have often tried to create event photography in house with some degree of success. They quickly realise that guests wishing to purchase event photographs have specific needs which are best met by professional event photography expertise and equipment to deliver the best experience for the customer. Our professional, stand alone event photography unit can be integrated into your events with the minimum of inconvenience to existing staff while delivering exciting images that guests will want to purchase and take home. Our long experience of trackday photography, driving events, equestrian and other events of all sizes mean we can fit seamlessly into your day.

What Your Guests Want From Event Photography

Whether you are using event photography as a free giveaway for guests or offering them the opportunity to purchase, guests and customers at events have very specific demands which must be met for them to wish to buy photographs. Obviously, the images must be top quality, taken by professional photographers using the best equipment.

Additionally, the pictures are very often an impulse buy, so a customers opportunity to purchase must be as simple as possible with the minimum of obstacles to interrupt the selling process. The easier we can make it for people to buy prints on the spur of the moment, the greater the impact event photography has. Using more than a decade of experience in professional event photography, we created our custom built, mobile event imaging vehicle with customer’s needs in mind.

Guests wish to view thier images quickly and without complication. Our facility has multiple viewing screens with the option for guests to save ‘favourites’ to a folder and compare them or send all the images to print. Our dye sub printing technology delivers an authentic, top quality photo lab style print in sizes from 6×4 through to 12×8 inches, perfect for framing or presentation in a customised, branded presentation folder.

For customers who prefer digital, we offer the option of digital images, copyright free and suitable for social media sharing, printing at home and other methods. These are supplied on a USB stick or CD which can be branded with your company information. USB sticks and CD’s also offer and excellent way to deliver marketing material to guests after they have left your event.

Meeting The Needs of the Event Organiser

For an event organiser, the photography element must enhance the impact of the day for guests while also integrating seamlessly with your event. As an organiser, event photography can bring the headaches of extra staffing costs and how to create the whole workflow of how to display images and conduct the whole process. Our stand alone event vehicle brings everything needed for your event in a self contained platform. This bespoke vehicle is custom built with a viewing suite of multiple screens. WiFi image transfer from our photographers mean that images are available for guests to browse just minutes after they were taken.

Images can be branded with your company logos and delivered in bespoke, branded folders for maximum impact.

We supply everything needed to make event photography work for you. Events sales staff, professional photographers, point of sale where appropriate, on site print fulfilment and every other aspect needed to add event photography to your business.

We have a complete solution for anyone wishing they had professional event photography working with their business. Our talented team of professional photographers and event staff, coupled with our bespoke event photography unit, bring the added selling opportunity, profitability and satisfied customers that make your business even more successful.

  • Professional photographers and industry standard digital SLR camera equipment
  • Event staff fully trained to sell event photography on the day
  • Stand alone photography vehicle with five viewing screens allowing guests to buy images quickly
  • Photographic printing to lab standard on the spot, allowing guests to take away pictures right away
  • WiFi enabled photographic workflow for fast viewing of images as they are taken
  • Full branding of both vehicles and staff clothing in your corporate colours if required