Next Profits Up 12%, We Hope We Helped

We’re quite pleased to read some very significant news in The Guardian about Next profits rising by 12%. This means that for the first time, they’ve now overtaken Marks & Spencer. Next have long been considered to be a ‘little sister’ to M&S, but no longer. For us, the exiting part of this increase in profit is that it’s almost 100% derived from online sales.

Why are we so thrilled by this? We’ve been working hard with Next for more than a year now, constantly improving the product photography used in the online stores to depict the products you can buy from Next Online and in their catalogue. With store sales up 1.7% but online sales increasing by 12% it shows that good photography to accurately depict your items for sale is now more important than ever.

We’re currently working with several other retailers on ways to improve the customer experience online through quality product photography and it’s an exciting time for us. If you have an online store with a range of products, we can help you improve your success in selling online. Drop us a line for a chat about ways to achieve this, we’re always happy to discuss this fascinating area of online selling.

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